Rafael Mojica


Born in Denver, CO and raised in Flint, MI, Rafael is a political and community organizer with 13+ years of experience. After going to MSU and moving back home to Flint, he took a stab at the life of a volunteer campaigner for a local Mayoral race that carried a message of human dignity that he believed in. Hundreds of knocked doors and dozens of volunteer hours later, he decided to go down the path of a community organizer with ACORN in Flint. Taking the lead from the action of fellow community members, dozens of families were able to prevent predatory lenders from taking their homes during a housing crisis. And armed with clipboards and voter registration forms, members helped elect President Barack Obama in 2008. Following a historic election, Rafael chose to dive back into political organizing, working on Congressional, state legislative, and gubernatorial races while maintaining a passionate focus on issues that impact people economically and socially. Along the way, Rafael also worked to support after school programs in Wayne County and advocated for expanding civil rights protections to the LGBTQ community. With his role in Soulardarity as Program Director, Rafael is focused on advocating for environmental justice and to help achieve true energy democracy. He is now living in southwest Detroit, near Clark Park with his partner, two cats and one dog.