How To Power A City

How to Power a City Film Screening – Community Event

Immerse yourself in the thought-provoking storytelling of “How to Power a City” directed by Melanie LaRosa dedicated to raise awareness and foster positive change in our community toward a clean energy future. The film highlights the experiences and struggles faced by marginalized individuals in communities across the country.

We invite you to be part of this transformative event co-hosted by Soulardarity and Parker Village. “How to Power a City” is a documentary which highlights efforts of local organizers, businesses and residents of Highland Park, MI when 1,000+ residential street lights were removed by the electric company, DTE Energy in 2011 due to a city debt and their fight to relight their neighborhoods with community-owned solar powered street lights. 

View Trailer and Learn More About the Film at:

Doors open at 6pmScreening starts at 6:30pm at Parker Village Campus 181 E. Buena Vista St, Highland Park, MI 48203

Each ticket includes: 1 event admission, 1 popcorn, 1 BBQ Dinner & Beverage



“How To Power A City” provides a front-row seat to communities battling fossil fuel dependence by bringing solar and wind projects to their hometowns. Set in six different locations-New York City, Las Vegas, Highland Park/Detroit, Atlantic City, Vermont, and Puerto Rico this film showcases how people are already impacting energy in their towns and cities. The film reveals how each community faces a variety of obstacles from corrupt and indifferent politicians, technological impasses, public ignorance, cost, to natural disasters.

ABOUT THE VENUE: Screening will be held on the grounds of Parker Village, a one-of-a-kind green space. This urban oasis is located not far from the iconic and currently abandoned Ford Plant, making it a prime location for local residents and visitors alike. 

INTERACTIVE Q&A: Engage directly with the filmmaker and key contributors behind “How to Power a City” during an interactive Q&A session. Gain deeper insights into the film’s creation, its impact, and ways to get involved in related initiatives.

By attending the “How to Power a City” documentary screening, you will help us raise awareness, inspire action, and create a positive impact within our community. Together, let’s shine a light on the issues that matter and work towards a brighter future for all.



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