Utility Shutoff Protections in Michigan

Last year, thousands of utility customers across Michigan received protection from the shutoff of their utility service. There are a variety of shutoff protections customers may qualify for, including:

Low-Income Winter Protection Program

Protects income-qualified customers against utility shutoff from November 1st to March 31st.

Senior Citizen Shutoff Protection

Protects customers 65 years and older from utility shutoff from November 1st to March 31st.

Medical Emergency Protection

Provides a 21-day shutoff hold when a customer or member of their household experiences a medical condition that would be made worse by lack of utility service. This protection may be extended up to 63 days per household member and up to a total of 126 days per household.

Critical Care Protection

Provides shutoff protection when a disruption of utility service would be immediately life-threatening to the customer or a member of their household.

Active-Duty Military Shutoff Protection

Provides a 90-day shutoff protection for utility customers and their spouse when either is called to full-time active military service under certain circumstances.

Each shutoff protection has different requirements and/or income qualifications. For more information on these protections, along with other assistance programs available in Michigan, visit the Get Help webpage. You can also contact your local utility provider or the MPSC’scustomer assistance team with any questions about available shutoff protections.